Clarke F. Ahlers, P.C.

I do not believe that the term “criminal justice system”​ fairly describes the fragmented, bureaucratic, and highly politicized non-system of law enforcement, judicial resources and corrections facilities that exist in our society.

This is an observation and not a criticism. The criminal justice process of the United States of America aspires to provide due process of law and conflict resolution within the framework of a Constitution enacted to ensure individual freedom. This is a complex process.

I am very familiar with our fragmented, bureaucratic and politicized “non-system” of justice and offer professional legal services to assist clients in the following ways:

  • Pre-Trial Consultations, legal analysis, defense strategies, critical witness preparation and key witness cross-examination;
  • Criminal Defense at Trial;
  • Defense of Administrative Charges;
  • Instruction and Continuing Legal Education; and
  • Media Comment.