I believe in the American dream of liberty, the right to free expression of ideas, respect for the rights of others, hard-work, self-determination, and self-reliance. Having defended thousands of persons accused of crimes, I continue to believe in the basic good of most people.

I value the important responsibility of the criminal defense attorney to champion the legitimate causes and complaints of any person who is accused of a crime. No responsible attorney shirks this fundamental, constitutional duty, or criticizes another lawyer for fulfilling the promise of the Sixth Amendment. To this end, I personally value the opportunity to provide representation to the disenfranchised through the public defender offices of our state and federal governments. At the same time, it is a simple truth that freedom isn’t free. It was first achieved by the blood of patriots, and is preserved, in part, by an enormous commitment of time and resources of everyday Americans, including defense attorneys.

I believe that every client has certain responsibilities to oneself, and to the community. Every client who is physically, emotionally, intellectually and financially able should undertake a fair self-analysis to honestly identify any underlying reason or cause for criminal or anti-social behavior. My experience convinces me that a large amount of criminal behavior is related to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Alcoholics, drug-addicts, and drug dependent persons must strive to live a sober lifestyle or face a predictable future of repeated contacts with law enforcement.

I value the work of many of our judiciary. ​Our best judges are those men and women who have the life experience, temperament, and power of reason to exercise our elected government’s authority with maturity and compassion. The very best judges teach us that the law has a way of protecting the best in mankind, and resolving our common legal problems without force or violence, and towards the elusive goal of justice.

Finally, I value critical thinking skills.​ I have been blessed to know parents, teachers, and mentors who have taught me that God — or providence if you prefer — has provided me and you with a brain, and that God — or providence — expects me and you to use it.